Isle of Man TT Races 2017

TT 2017

So far its been a pretty dam week with the bikes only getting out for one night and a half a lap on another night.  We have a few riders using our products including levers, bodywork, air filters and much more. So we are hoping to get on  the podium and maybe even a win.  If the riders get out that is!

Brembo RCS19 Master Cylinders REDUCED IN PRICE

Radial master cylinder designed for street bikes that allows maximum readiness and perfectly modulable braking in any conditions of use with excellent linearity between the force applied to the lever and the braking response.

This brake master cylinder has the RCS system, patented by Brembo, for adjustment of the lever centre distance which allows you to obtain the ideal feeling between rider and bike. In just a few seconds using a simple screwdriver you can make the braking system more aggressive and reactive (20 mm) or softer and modulable (18 mm).

This model uses a 19 mm diameter piston and an folding long lever (LL), a detail which is particularly popular with Racing riders and those who love to ride on the track.

Brembo uses only cutting-edge procedures in order to guarantee excellent operation and performance. In fact, the aluminium alloy brake master cylinder main body is obtained through forging and then machined with numerically controlled equipment.

For the surface finishing oxidation was chosen which is normally used in MotoGP and Superbike.

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