Triumph Daytona 675/R & Street Triple/R 2006-12 UKRS Billet Oil Cooler

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Triumph Daytona 675/R 2006-12 & Street Triple 675/R 2007-12 TRS Billet Oil Cooler

Perfect for road or track use.

Sooner or later any 2006/12 Daytona or Street Triple 2008-12 used on the track will blow its heat exchanger. When it goes which will be without warning. You will get a big white smoke trail as water and oil mix. This has disastrous effects and can wreck an entire engine. Our new replacement oil cooler is machined from billet 7068 alloy and does away with the water running through it. Cooling of the oil is achieved by the cooling fins on the billet. This helps keep the oil cool which also helps keep the engine cooler and no more problems. Our unique design is far superior to any other design we have seen on the market. Ours does not restrict oil or generate heat like others we have tested.

Simply remove the stock heat exchanger, blank the two water pipes off and fit our cooler.


Made in the UK.  Our kit may be more expensive but its the best and comes with everything you need.