Triumph Daytona 675/R 2006-12 Bonamic Rearsets

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Triumph Daytona 675/R 2006-12 Bonamic Rearsets (Road or Race Shift)

Not only do these Bonamic rearsets look great they will also swap between road (1 down 5 up, to race 1 up 5 down) shift pattern and allow you to use your existing quick shifter.

Bonamici Racing parts are made of aeronautical aluminum and finished with a hard anodizing treatment to increase the surface characteristics, both technical and aesthetic, improving its resistance and beauty.

Bolts and nuts are supplied with each item, spare parts are always available.

Technical features:

- Rearsets made of high strength aluminum alloy

- Double ball bearings on each linkage to completely eliminate friction

- Return spring on the brake lever

- Black anodizing for greater mechanical and chemical resistance

- Possibility of customization with different accessories

- 100% made in Italy

- 7 position adjustment

- Includes the gear selector

- Rearsets for both normal (road) and reverse (race) shifting

- It is not necessary to mount the hydrostop