Triumph Daytona 675R 2011-17 IMA Adjustable Yoke (Triple Clamp) Set

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Triumph Daytona 675R 2011-17 IMA Adjustable Yoke (Triple Clamp) Set

Billet Adjustable triple clamps, aimed at track enthusiast, developed to respond to the most recent studies on the chassis structural dynamics of new motorcycles. Thanks to their specific design/shape and to the higher material features, they work effectively in reducing the Chattering effect, conferring more precision, stability and cornering speed. Also, provided with 4 sets of bushings, they allow to adjust the offset modifying the trail without moving the rake of the bike, in order to set the bike up to the personal attitude or to the track features. Adjustable steering limiters.

Offset 24-32mm

Please Note:  These are a multi fit set of yokes and not direct replacement for stock yoke.  The yokes are 5mm wider than stock and come with a kit of shims to go behind the discs to space them out and washers to be used on the stem.  They should be fitted by a competent engineer.  And the buyer accepts they will need some work to make them fit.