Aprilia RS660 2020-23 Spark Racing Full System with KONIX EVO Silencer, with Carbon End Cap

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Aprilia RS660 2020-23 Spark Full System with KONIX EVO silencer, with carbon end cap (GAP8807T)

The KONIX EVO silencer has an extremely racing design with a carbon end cap and its volume allows to be within the dB level required in many circuits. Compared to the previous Konix version, it is extremely light as it is entirely made of titanium (in addition to the silencer sleeve, also the perforated inner tube and inner end cap are made of titanium). The dB killer (G9999) can be installed, it is included in the box.

An important detail is included: the carbon heat shield enhances the systems but it’s fundamental also from the technical point of view, for racing use, especially with rear footrests so as to prevent the boot to get in contact with with the tube.

The system includes a hanger to chassis for racing use as well as a dedicated mounting kit for installation on the original motorbike with passenger footrests.

Sound without Optional Db killer:
Stock: 99 db /5250 RPM
GAP8807T: 102 db /5500 RPM

Sound with Optional Db killer:
Stock: 99 db /5250 RPM
GAP8807T: 98.5 db /5500 RPM

SPARK 3.5 kg vs STOCK 6,1 kg