Aprilia RS660 2021 – DB Holders Rear Subframe

Regular price £295.00 GBP + VAT

This unit is replica of OEM subframe made from top quality aluminium alloy with superb powder coat finish in black colour. DBholders subframe will save you big amount of money and weight on your bike. OEM dimensions allows using the stock battery and fuse box which also keeps the ABS hydraulic unit in its standard position.

  • Replica of OEM subframe for racing purpose.
  • Usable for all race classes required stock subframe.
  • Handcraft manufactured from aerospace aluminium alloy.
  • Powder coated finish in black colour to protect it.
  • Much cheaper replace for OEM rear subframe.
  • Lighter approx. 25% than original item.

    Fits to model:

    • Aprilia RS660 2021+