Aprilia RS660 Side Stand Switch Eliminator - SSB-023

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The Side Stand Switch Eliminator by SmartMoto allows the elimination of the stock side stand switch.

Although we don't recommend riding with the side stand switch bypassed, if the switch gets damaged you can get stranded in the middle of nowhere, just plug the eliminator, zip-tie the stand and keep riding.

For safety reasons manufacturers install a switch that kills the ignition when the side stand is down with gear engaged. As a result, removing the switch for off-road use or trackdays makes the bike inoperable.

SmartMoto Complete Sets brings a Side Stand Switch Eliminator that connects directly to the wiring harness and is compact and durable.

Key Features

  • Eliminates the side stand switch easily without modifications on the wiring harness.
  • Allows you to remove the entire side stand for trackdays or off-road use and reinstall it again quickly when you need to go back to the road.
  • Replaces a faulty side stand switch.

Legal Notice!

Installation of this kit is intended for closed circuit competition purposes only. The purchaser of this performance kit acknowledges that it is not intended for street use.

      Compatible motorcycles

      • Aprilia > RS 660 > 2020 - 2022
      • Aprilia > Tuono 660 > 2020 - 2022
      • Aprilia > Tuareg 660 > 2021 - 2022