BMW EVAP / Canister Removal kit PVE-053

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BMW EVAP / Canister Removal kit PVE-053

The EVAP / Canister Removal kit by SmartMoto eliminates the standard EVAP system.

Motorcycle manufacturers install the EVAP system to prevent fuel vapours from escaping to the atmosphere. This is good for emissions but converting a bike for trackdays or off-road use means you need to shed as much weight as possible. Also, if the bike is tipped over, gas from the gas tank can overflow the canister compromising the ventilation, thus damaging the fuel pump.

SmartMoto Complete Sets combines the electronic Purge valve eliminator with all the required hardware that allows you to remove the EVAP canister, purge valve and tubing from your motorcycle completely in one convenient package, without encountering any Fi errors or performance issues.

Key Features

  • Disables the Fi error codes associated with the Purge valve.
  • Reduces weight and free up space.
  • Replaces a faulty Purge valve.
  • This kit enables you to remove the EVAP system, all the associated tubing and the bulky canister.

Legal Notice!

Installation of this kit is intended for closed circuit competition purposes only. The purchaser of this performance kit acknowledges that it is not intended for street use.

Compatible Motorcycles

  • BMW > HP4 > 2013 - 2014
  • BMW > M1000RR > 2021 - 2022
  • BMW > S1000R > 2014 - 2023
  • BMW > S1000RR > 2009 - 2023
  • BMW > S1000XR > 2015 - 2023