BMW M1000RR 2021> AFAM (Stock) Chain & Sprocket Kit

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AFAM Chain Kits are the easiest and most economical way to purchase and install chains and sprockets! Putting a new chain on a machine with worn sprockets will rob you of power and quickly wear out the chain.

AFAM Chain Kits eliminate this problem and are more economical than purchasing all the pieces separately.

The kit has the correct length of chain for your application, a master link (rivet), front sprocket (stock) and rear sprocket (steel).

Each kit is attractively packaged and includes easy to follow instructions.

Kit contains:

  • 1 AFAM 525 Pitch Steel Front Sprocket (stock size)
  • 1 AFAM 525 Pitch Steel Rear Sprocket (stock size)
  • 1 AFAM 525 Pitch Silver Chain (stock size)