BMW S1000RR 2019> Spark Titanium GRID-O slip-On

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BMW S1000RR 2019> Spark Titanium GRID-O slip-On

BMW S1000RR exhaust is the result of the cooperation and experience gained together with technicians and teams participating in the most important championships on the international scene: CIV, CEV, British Superbike up to Isle of Man for the legendary Tourist Trophy. In addition to the research for collectors' best sizing to optimize performance, technologies and structural details of the product ensures top reliability. That's why many teams have chosen Spark to face Endurance World Championship. The collectors are available on catalog both in stainless steel and titanium. Different silencers can be combined to collectors to comply with different dB levels required by championships and circuits. DB levels refer to silencers without dB killers so as not to affect performance. Every silencer however is preset for fixing a removable db killer.

Spark ensures maximum performance to all BMW S1000RR owners and offers a complete and highly competitive range - including full systems with titanium and stainless steel collectors and slip-on - to respond to different aesthetic preferences and increasingly restrictive dB limits.

After meticulous R&D work, Spark offers on catalog:

· Full system for motorbikes with racing ECU, with titanium collectors and no exhaust valve. The 107 db version is provided with Konix silencer (GBM8816), a more extreme version has Grid-o (GBM8818) while the 102 dB system is provided with Fighter silencer (GBM8819).

· Full system for motorbikes with racing ECU, with stainless steel collectors and no exhaust valve and Force 102 db silencer (GBM8817).

· Full system for motorbikes with original ECU. Collectors include two racing catalysts and exhaust valve, in titanium (GBM8814) or stainless steel (GBM8815) version.

- Grid-o slip-on for original catalyzed collector (GBM0702) to enhance the original bike's lines.

GRID-O slip-on
SPARK 0,7 kg vs STOCK 2,1 kg

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