Brembo RCS17 Corsa Corta Racing Radial Brake Master Cylinder for Brembo M50 Monoblock Calipers

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The brand new RCS17 Corsa Corta was developed with the specific intention of further improving the braking feeling on all sports motorcycles equipped with the latest Brembo M50 monobloc calipers.

This master cylinder is compatible with ABS system.

The Brembo 19RCS CorsaCorta radial brake pump is a 2019 novelty, born directly from the experience of the Brembo Racing racing department.

Ten years after the appearance of the RCS, Brembo introduces the RCS Corsa Corta brake pump, which allows you to map the very first part of the lever excursion through the adjustment of the idle stroke.

The RCS Corsa Corta has the possibility of calibrating this parameter on three positions (R-S-N), to get the maximum feeling of the braking connection according to this scheme:

  • Position R "Race" the idle stroke is minimized, the lever will be more reactive.
  • Position "Sport" the idle stroke is in an intermediate position, as is the feeling at the lever.
  • Position N "Normal" the empty stroke is greater, therefore there will be a wider modulation and a smoother braking attack.

The setting of the Vacuum Run is added to the two existing setting possibilities: the adjustment of the lever distance from the handlebar and the RCS system (Ratio Click System), which allows to modify the pump distance on two different positions: 18 mm . for maximum scalability and 20 mm. for maximum braking system readiness.

Technical Features:

• Piston Ø 17mm

• Forged body with CNC details

• Folding lever

• Rear stop light included