Street Triple 765RS SCS Delta 700 ECU & Race Harness Conversion

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Blipper Sensor

SCS Delta 700 ECU & Wiring Conversion (Exchange Harness Service)

As bikes get more and more compliant with Euro 4 & 5, they have features that some of us don't want or want to refine.  Like ABS.  Unfortunately Triumph have done a bullet proof system with their ECU so the only way to remove or tweak features is to ditch the stock ECU and replace with a custom harness and ECU.  We convert your existing harness on a send it/return basis.

We have spent a lot of time developing an ECU that will work with standard clocks and switch gear.  So its a plug and play set up.  With of course options to change parameter yourself like fuelling and traction control (TC currently under development).

We have used the more powerful Delta 700 ECU so that functions like QS, Blipper, TC, Fuel & Ignition can all be used and no more ABS.

Works with standard or aftermarket clocks, supplied with custom map for customers tune/ exhaust & air filter modifications, able to run 2 maps, Pit Limiter & Quickshift functionality.

If required (2017-19 None Blip Bikes) a new Translogic quick shifter that does up and down clutch-less shifting can be supplied.  Bikes already with up/down blipping use stock sensor. No need for any extra add ons like a HM Auto Blipper or PCV. Everything is done through the ECU. ECU comes pre-programmed with a generic map and we offer an excelent back-up service with the option of Microsoft team support so we can login to your laptop and show you how to make changes and get you running.


Quick Shifter with Blipper

ECU USB-CAN Interface (Allows 3rd Party to Programme/ Map ECU) £102.00

IAM Dash (or one of your choice)

Supply new harness £464

NOTE: You either supply us a harness to modify or we can buy a new one from Triumph.