Daytona 675 675R 09-12 3-1 Complete System with 260MM Titanium X-Oval Silencer

Regular price £429.16 GBP + VAT

Finally the wait is over for all you Gen 2 Daytona owners with broken standard headers.

  • The attention to detail ensures fit and performance giving you a product that has proven to stand the test of time at an unbelievable price.
  • All necessary copper and fibre gaskets are supplied with the exhaust, where applicable, completely FREE of charge, saving you ££££!
  • We manufacture all our exhaust components in our own factory employing the most stringent quality control procedures ensuring repeated customer satisfaction.
  • This exhaust is road legal in the UK.
  • Please be aware that for any product purchased that is to be used outside the UK, we are not able to guarantee and/or advise you as to whether the product will be suitable for such use and/or if it meets local regulatory requirements such as e-Marking, TUV or other such type approval. Please be sure to make the necessary local enquires before purchasing.
  • All Delkevic products have a 5 year guarantee.
  • No rejetting or remapping is required after fitment however we always recommend a dyno test after fitting replacement parts to your motorcycle.


  • Is this exhaust road legal?
  • How heavy is the silencer?
    1.45 kg.
  • Does this have a removable baffle?
    They use the discreet removable baffle system.
  • How loud is this exhaust?
    99dB-101dB static with baffle @ 60% RPM

    We recommend an O2 eliminator and Exhaust Valve Eliminator bought at the same time as this product.