Ducati 1199 Panigale Up To 2014 ABS Delete By-Pass Switch

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KT147-A    Ducati 1199 up to end of 2014

Replaces ABS pump Part No. 54240362A and 54240363A

Download the data sheet and fitting instructions here - Data sheet

This lightweight electronic module allows the removal of the large and heavy ABS pump from the bike yet still retain all of the normal wheel speed based functions, and without any dashboard warning lights.

There is no need to disable the ABS system on the dashboard or rider modes as the ABS warning light is automatically turned off by this device.


You must use the correct module for your bike as each one has specific programming, fitting an incorrect module will result in dashboard warning messages and potential loss of some safety systems

It is your responsibility to source and fit brake lines direct from the master cylinders to the brake calipers, these are NOT supplied in this kit

The kit includes

  • 1 x Control module
  • 1 x Wiring loom (integrated as part of the module)
  • 1 x Blanking cap for the ABS pump multi-block connector
  • 2 x Blanking sleeve for wheel speed loom connectors

The kit does NOT include

  • Brake lines

Alternative versions are available for other models