Ducati Panigale V2 Melotti Quick Release Front Wheel Kit

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Developed for use in the SSP600, this kit complies with the FIM regulations and is adopted by the main teams competing with the Panigale V2 in the World Superport Championship (WSSP).
The “fast action” wheel axle is essential in the wheel change phase during race weekends, as it allows the mechanic to quickly screw the wheel axle using a screwdriver.

The kit includes:
  • Highly alloyed steel wheel axle with fast thread principle and dedicated broaching for the use of the screwdriver.
  • 1/2 “wrench for screwdriver
  • Ergal threaded bushing with surface hardening treatment
  • Ergal locking nut, treated with black anodic oxidation
  • Racing wheel spacers (in Ergal with surface hardening treatment) with long “slide” and asymmetrical retaining lip
  • Wheel axle guards (in Anticorodal) with low aerodynamic impact profile and idle rotation