Ducati Panigale V4 R/S 2018-22 TK Carbon Disc Covers (Used with TK Discs ONLY)

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Ducati Panigale V4 R/S 2018-22 TK Carbon Disc Covers (Used with TK Discs ONLY)

TK discs are born from the combination of high technologies and the careful choice of materials and treatments.

Conceived from experience, built with passion and tested on the track!

There are several strengths of these discs:


The materials use for the production are the result of years of constant research and development on the competition fields, their quality, combined with the particular shape of the disc, also guarantees less wear.

They are all certified materials and the process of making the disc takes place through a supply chain that allows the traceability of the finished product.


The particular inclined conical holes increase the material removed compared to traditional ones, reduce the weight of the piece, with a consequent reduction also of the gyroscopic effect:

less weight on the front end helps the rider and increases the handling of the bike.


The equidistant holes make the heat distribution homogeneous (tests carried out have resulted in a temperature reduction of about 20% compared to conventional discs), significantly reducing the "overheating fading", while the inclined drilling allows a better cleaning of the drain from any impurities thanks to the Venturi's effect.

This system allows you to use the pads for a longer life without losing braking performance.

Thanks to the inclined holes, a better heat dissipation and reduction of the residual torque on the wheel is ensured.


At the moment of attachment, the pad does not suffer impacts (such as a daisy disc or with slots).

The distribution of the holes makes braking smooth, always keeping the pad clean and increasing safety in the wet or in conditions of poor grip.


On the test bench and on the track they demonstrated a reduction in pump pressure with the same deceleration.