Ducati Panigale V4 S / R Up Map Control Unit

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Reconfigure your bike's ECU by yourself, safely and easily.

The T800 UpMap device connect to the bike via the diagnostic cable allowing you to experience the different maps optimized by our experts.

Manage by yourself all the set up, quickly and easily from your smartphone, via the dedicated UpMap app.

With UpMap, you can ensure maximum performance for your DUCATI PANIGALE V4 equipped with Termignoni 4USCITE (code D182).

This latest element completes the package dedicated to the latest Borgo Panigale model. For more information about the exclusive 4USCITE Racing Kit, visit the Termignoni website.

With UpMap, you can re-programme the ECU of your Panigale V4 to adjust engine calibration to the new D182 system, thereby getting the most out of the 4USCITE in terms of maximum performance as well as delivery and riding pleasure. A benefit that is clear right from the first twist of the throttle.