Honda CBR1000RR 2008-2016 Venturi System Performance Velocity Stacks

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Honda CBR1000RR 2009-2016 Venturi System Performance Velocity Stacks


Air funnel kit developed to increase performance  performing studies of fluid dynamics and dynamic testing on the dyno.

  • Increase power and torque at the mid and high rpm
  • The engine reaches its maximum speed in less time
  • Increased responsiveness of the engine during the reopening of thottle
  • Reduces the loss of engine power on approaching the rev limiter
  • Amazing intake sound

Package contents:

  • 4 racing velocity stacks racing made by CNC machines
  • 2 support brackets made of stainless steel laser cutting machines
  • Screw and spacers
  • Allen key
  • threadlocker
  • assembly instructions

Dynamometers results:

Dyno Chart Pictures:

Honda CBR1000 RR 2008, Arrow full exhaust system no db killer, stock filter and Dynojet PowerCommander

Blue line = Stock Stacks with optimised map

Red line = Venturi system stacks with optimised map

Tested by  Vanni Lorenzini from Team Lorenzini by Leoni



Should i modify my airbox for mount venturi velocity stacks?

Is the venturi kit fully compatible with stock airbox?

Should i tune the ecu after venturi kit installation ?

Can i install the venturi stacks in a full stock bike?

If install an full exhaust system and i haven't make ecu tuning ,can i mount the intake funnels?