Honda CBR600RR 2009-17 GB Racing Race Alternator Protection Bundle

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Revolutionary new tough, high-impact composite material made from 60% Long Glass Fibered Nylon.

Bolt on product, allowing fast and easy removal and/or replacement.

The product is designed with aesthetics in mind, and priced to be competitive with the existing products on the market.

For motorcycles fitted with the genuine Honda Race Kit Alternator.

Kit consists of:

  • Race Kit Alternator Cover
  • Pulse Cover
  • Clutch Cover
  • Lower Chain Guard
  • Paddock Stand Bobbins
  • All Fittings & Instructions

This is a KIT product for an aftermarket KIT alternator. It does NOT fit standard manufactured STOCK street or race bikes. Please DO NOT ORDER this product unless you specifically know you need a KIT alternator product. Please refer to the FAQ for details on the difference between STOCK and KIT engine covers