Kawasaki Exhaust Servo Valve Eliminator - SRE-001

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The Exhaust Servo Eliminator by SmartMoto replaces the exhaust servo motor (EXUP) in a motorcycle’s exhaust, allowing the complete removal of the servo motor and all the associated parts.

Motorcycle manufacturers install the EXUP system to reduce noise levels of the exhaust and to control torque in the low RPMs. However, removing the exhaust servo motor triggers an Fi error.

SmartMoto MicroControl™ combined with the SmartMoto MultiCB™ technologies bring a new servo eliminator that emulates the stock servo motor signals, communicating to the ECU that the servo motor operates normally. All in the most compact and durable design available in the market. This results in complete removal of the EXUP system without encountering any Fi errors or performance issues.

Key Features

  • Removes the EXUP system completely without enabling the associated Fi error code.
  • Replaces a faulty servo motor or exhaust valve.
  • Allows you to install an aftermarket full exhaust system.
  • Releases maximum torque at low RPMs.
  • Reduce weight and free up space.

Legal Notice!

Installation of this kit is intended for closed circuit competition purposes only. The purchaser of this performance kit acknowledges that it is not intended for street use.

    Compatible motorcycles

    • Kawasaki > Ninja 1000 > 2011 - 2020
    • Kawasaki > Ninja H2 / H2R / H2 SX > 2015 - 2023
    • Kawasaki > Z1000 > 2007 - 2020
    • Kawasaki > Z750 > 2007 - 2012
    • Kawasaki > Z800 > 2013 - 2016
    • Kawasaki > ZX10R > 2004 - 2023
    • Kawasaki > ZX6R 600/636 > 2004 - 2023