Kawasaki ZX-10R 2016> AFAM Race Chain & Sprocket Kit

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AFAM 520 Race Conversion Chain Kits are the lightweight race alternative to the stock 525 kits. These kits come with a hard anodised rear sprocket .

Putting a new chain on a machine with worn sprockets will rob you of power and quickly wear out the chain.

AFAM Chain Kits eliminate this problem and are more economical than purchasing all the pieces separately.

Recommended, is a higher grade and is the most appropriate for the model taking all aspects of use into account. This is the reason why we produce this recommended kit

Performance, is Super Strong for the model and is suitable for more extreme use including Track Days and Racing (where specified).

The kit has the correct length of chain for your application, a master link (rivet), front sprocket and rear sprocket.

Kit contains:

  • 1 AFAM 520 Pitch Steel Front Sprocket 
  • 1 AFAM 520 Pitch Hard Anodised Rear Sprocket 
  • 1 AFAM 520 Pitch Gold Chain

This AFAM Chain and Sprocket Kit is Supplied in the standard manufacturers sprocket sizes and gearing. If you wish to change the kit gearing, we can usually do this but it is not always a simple task of changing a sprocket. Several factors need to be taken into account including sprocket availability, chain length required, power output and suitability for purpose. With all this in mind we recommend that you call our office on 01773 591708.