Kawasaki ZX10RR 2021 onward - 4 function - clutch mount - Up Right Down Reset

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Kawasaki ZX10RR 2021 onward - 4 function - clutch mount - Up Right Down Reset

For use on the standard or KIT wiring loom. Note that for KIT users this does not include the PIT speed limiter switch, this can however be added as a single switch.

This switch is designed for use with the standard OR kit wiring loom and is a direct 'plug n play' replacement for the original left switch assembly.

  • Reset
  • Up
  • Right
  • Down
When placing the order there is a 'notes' section where you can provide extra details about your bike and modifications.

Type 'C' switches mount directly onto the clutch post body using the two original clamp screws and a new dedicated clamp.

The clamp is supplied free with each switch, with the default clamp matching the bolt pattern of the standard clucth, but you are free to choose an alternative clamp at the time of ordering at no extra cost.

We have clamps for
  • CL-A 32mm in-line bolt spacing
  • CL-B 30mm offset bolt spacing - Brembo XR , GP
  • CL-F 30mm in-line as found on Accosato and Hel components
  • CL-K 36mm in-line spacing as found on Kawasaki
  • CL-J 32mm offset bolts spacing as found on Beringer components
  • BR-G 22mm generic bar clamp
Unless otherwise specified we will supply the CR-K clamp for this application.

Clamps may be bought separately should you change this part at a future time, there is no need to replace the switch assembly

Perfect for saving space on the handlebar yet retaining left / right adjustment via slotted bolt holes.