Kawaski ZX-10R 2016-20 Scorpion RP1-GP Slip-On Exhaust

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Ninja ZX-10R 16-20 / ZX-10RR 17-20 / ZX-10R SE 18-20

Scorpions flagship RP-1 GP exhaust is currently their most potent exhaust, complete with a distinguished 'RED POWER' tip inlay.

Completely hand crafted from featherlight aerospace titanium and carbon fibre. RP-1 GP has been developed to give tangible 'bolt-on' performance advantages, with strong power gains throughout the power curve and huge weight savings over O.E.

The hand made 'works' finish and the unmistakable race bike soundtrack will confirm the performance potential of this system.

Designed primarily for race/trackday use, this no-compromise race grade exhaust is incidentally road legal and loud!

  • Race Inspired
  • Fit And Ride - No Re-Jetting Or Mapping Required
  • Fully Dyno Developed And Tested
  • Optimum Power Output Throughout Rev Range
  • Short GP Style
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Significantly Lighter Than O.E Equipment
  • Constructed From Highest Grade Materials
  • Supplied With All Fittings Required
  • Comprehensive Fitting Instructions Supplied
O.E Scorpion Comparison
Weight 2.2kg 0.9kg -1.3kg
Power 174.5hp 178.9hp +4.4hp