Triumph Daytona 675/R 2006-12 Regulator / Rectifier ONLY WORKS WITH BDK RACE ENGINEERING RACE ALTERNATOR GB1000-6

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Regulator / Rectifier GB1000-6

This is the latest generation of our intelligent regulator / rectifier.

This regulator can be used as a replacement to all previous versions of our regulator / rectifier - although early versions did not have the blue power feed wire (see below).

It acts differently than a normal regulator in that it switches the generation on and off very quickly as its main method of controlling power demand rather than simply converting excess electrical energy into heat which dissipates in the air as per standard regulators.

The body does not require earthing although we do recommend using a hard fixing at least at one end where practicable and ideally to a flat metal surface - this helps to keep the components cool.

Comes fitted with an in-line fuse, battery terminals and plug to plug directly into our race stators, sold separately here.

The only wire which does not have a connector on is the regulator 12V+ power feed which needs to be connected for the generator to operate but creates a small drain when it is connected. As such we ask that you wire this to a switched (on and off with ignition), permanent positive 12V feed. There is no significant draw on this wire it is only a fraction of an amp.

This version maintains the battery charge indicator LED which serves as a ready reckoner as to whether the battery is sufficiently charged in start-up conditions and whether the generator is functioning when charging (normally above 3-5krpm).

It also comes with a top-mounted maximum voltage adjuster. This is set here on our rig and should not normally require adjustment. It is a 20-turn pot where anti-clockwise turns increase the MAX voltage cut-off.