Triumph Daytona 675/R 2013-16 Scorpion Slip-On Exhaust

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Scorpion have been quietly winning motorsport championships for over 20 years, consistently beating teams which are very publicly supported by rival exhaust manufacturers who construct entire marketing campaigns around their racing involvement.

Released in 2013, the Scorpion Serket Series Exhausts feature a unique angular design, a high tech formula 1 derived end cap made with special allows that can handle extreme temperatures and abuse.

As with all Scorpion products the design is bike specific and they are designed so that no re-mapping of the bike is necessary, combined with its lifetime guarantee and improvements in power, the Serket is a smart choice for your bike!

Headline features include a unique precision formed 6 facet profile and an Aerospace derived multi composite Claw Contoured outlet. Additionally Serket features a tempered / fused sleeve seam with compression coined ends and a GP Style double spring mount.

  • Race Inspired
  • Fit And Ride - No Re-Jetting Or Mapping Required
  • Fully Dyno Developed And Tested
  • Optimum Power Output Throughout Rev Range
  • Short GP Style
  • Ultra Lightweight
  • Significantly Lighter Than O.E Equipment
  • Constructed From Highest Grade Materials
  • Supplied With All Fittings Required
  • Comprehensive Fitting Instructions Supplied

We measured this bike and product at the below figures.

OE = 97.7dB
Scorpion = 98.3dB (With dB-Killer)
Scorpion = 100.9dB (Without dB-Killer)