Triumph Daytona 675/R 2013 onwards Healtech AR Assistant

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Consider the AR Assistant a rider guardian angel! The ARA is a complete safety package in one tiny box, which may be installed on a wide range of street and track/race bikes that do not have factory-equipped safety features.

The ARA is the only safety module on the market that is managed wirelessly via Android and iOS devices using a free, easy to use application.

The product can be installed on any ABS-equipped bikes using the bike-specific harness kits. Non-ABS models may also use the ARA with the front wheel disc and sensor (included in the non-ABS kit).

Free app from the App Store or Google Play Store

N.B.Kits that include an ARA-D0x for non ABS equipped bikes come with a front wheel speed sensor & ring that require removal & refitting of front disc bolts as per the service manual. If you do not have the skills & tools to complete this process it is imperative that you use a qualified  technician to do the job on your behalf.