Triumph Daytona 675/R & 765 Moto2 H2O Performance Water & Oil Radiator Kit

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H2O Oversized Water Radiator and Oil Radiator Kit.

The more horsepower an engine creates the more heat it creates. Once an engine reaches around 85degC (185degF) you start loosing power and at about 118degC (244,4degF) you could loose 6-7 HP and ultimately risks the threat of serious damage. Cooling problems are a major cause of failures in all types of racing: the radiator is important to the performance and longevity of your racing engine.

New handcrafted radiators, made with care using recycled and selected materials, different for each type of bike, so you can get the best performance and the least weight!

The H2O brand is synonymous with quality and professionalism, a leading manufacturer of high-performance radiators and the official supplier of numerous SBK teams.

With these high-performance radiators, you will get maximum performance and at the same time reduce the weight of the bike.

Note: This radiator is designed for racing use and may not fit with standard exhaust headers.

Kit comes with hoses and oil take off plate to replace stock heat exchanger.

ATTENTION: This is a racing product - it may be necessary to adapt some component on the bike (fairings, exhaust...etc) NOTES: We recommend that the assembly be carried out by a specialized mechanic!

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