Triumph Daytona 675/R & Street Triple 675/R 2009-16 Push or Pull Translogic Quick Shifter Sensor

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If you have a Triumph 675 with the quick shifter plug already installed under the tank, but no quick shifter sensor, or you have a standard pull sensor and you want a push one.  Then  this is for you. 

We supply a lead with connector that replaces the connector under the tank.  The standard connector must be cut off and this new lead with connector wired in.  We recommend soldering but we can supply connectors and a crimping tool if required.  Then the sensor is fitted between the gear link rod same as any other sensor. This comes with two connectors on the end.  Depending up which way you want the shift to work depends on which one of the two plugs from the sensor you plug into the new under tank connector.