Triumph Street Triple 765RS 2017-23 Melotti Racing Top Yoke

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Triumph Street Triple 765RS 2017-23 Melotti Racing Top Yoke

Keeping unchanged the standard spacing between the forks and the offset of the steering tube, this fork bridge boasts a noticeable reduction in weight from 526 g (18.55 oz) to 478 g (16,86 oz).

Retaining a great rigidity in the braking phase, and thanks to its openings, it allows a progressive torsional capacity in order to ease the cornering, a determinant factor for the rider who wants to push this 765 to the limit, resulting in a better feeling on the front end.

To be noticed the introduction of two ribs developed to keep the torsional characteristics of the fork bridge in order to obtain a further lightening of the bridge itself.

As in the previous version, we confirmed the presence of the vernier, an element first introduced by Melotti Racing and very appreciated for having an accurate reference of the angle of the handlebars.
Indeed, once the preferred riding setting has been found, it can be easily reproduced after mounting/unmounting operations on the front end.

The fork top bridge comes with stainless steel bolts with tapered cap, made by Pro-Bolt (official screws supplier for most of the teams in MotoGP and SBK world championships).

This tope yoke is made to be used with Melotti's slip handlebars for a safe clip on conversion.  Handlebars sole here.

And finally engraved with Moto 2 engine.

Sorry only available in GP style with no ignition key bracket.