Yamaha R3 2019-23 DB Holders Fairing/Clock Bracket

Regular price £115.95 GBP + VAT

This unit is lighter & stronger replacement for OEM cast fairing bracket. DB holders fairing stay will save you money and weight on your bike. Made from top quality aerospace aluminium alloy with superb powder coat finish in black color. Including fiberglass air duct with Kevlar/Carbon reinforcements allowing better airflow for your bike.

  • Super lightweight fairing stays for your track motorcycle.
  • Handcraft manufactured from aerospace aluminium alloy.
  • Powder coated finish in black colour to protect it.
  • Much cheaper replace for OEM fairing bracket.
  • Lighter approx. 33% than original item.
  • More durable than original cast fairing brackets.
  • Fits all racing bodywork which are following original mounting points of OEM bodywork.

Fits to model:

  • YAMAHA R3 2019-23

Fairing stays are only for race purpose. They do not have mounting points for mirrors.