Yamaha YZF R6 2017-20 Spark RACING full system: Titanium + MOTOGP silencer

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Yamaha YZF R6 2017-20 Spark RACING full system: Titanium collector + MOTOGP silencer

112 DB

Spark R&D has been working for a long time to ensure maximum performance to the owners of the Japanese sports bike... But the results didn't take long: from the BSB English to the French championships, CEV and CIV podiums and victory of National Trophy 600 2018. The range on catalog includes different materials and silencers so as to meet the different aesthetic requirements and more or less restrictive dB limits. In fact, sound limits have been introduced on Italian and European circuits, both for races and free practice days. The maximum dB level allowed varies according to the championship and the bikes' cylinder capacity. Spark developed different products to ensure the best performance and respect such dB limits, without db killer.
The full system has been developed in close cooperation with teams. Besides the study of the collectors' best sizing for performance optimization, the technologies and the structural details of such product ensure top reliability. After repeated bench tests specific lengths, cones and diameters have been chosen as they allow the best torque output and performance.

So, the state-of-the-art product developed with Teams in World Championships is available on catalog, both with stainless steel and full titanium collectors. Different silencers have been matched to the collectors so as to respond to different aesthetic needs and sound requirements: Force silencer lenght 350mm (GYA8838T and GYA8839T) to respect the 102 dB limit required by French championship; Konix silencer lenght 300mm (GYA8840T and GYA8841T) to be within 107 dB as required by Civ championship; MotoGp silencer (GYA8851T and GYA8852T) extreme and lightweight... 112 dB.
It is possible to add the db killer to every silencer to reduce deciBels further.

RACING full system: AISI 304 stainless steel collector + MOTOGP silencer
SPARK 3,7 kg vs STOCK 10,3 kg

Some of the teams and riders having chosen Spark and contributed to the development of the products available on catalog:

- CIV SSP 600 2018; Team Rosso e Nero, Kevin Manfredi

- National Trophy 600 2017/2018; Stefano Casalotti

- DEOD Super GP South Africa Championship 2017; Steven Odendaal

- FSBK SSP600 2018; Louis Bulle

- British Supersport 600 2018; Jamie Perrin

- Lucas Lit