Yamaha YZF1000 R1 2009-14 - 5 Way Race Bike Handlebar Switch for Kit ECU and Wiring Only

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5 way race bike handlebar switch - Yamaha YZF1000 R1 2012-14 with kit YEC ECU and harness application only.

This switch is intended to replace the standard left hand handlebar switch on track bikes fitted with the YEC kit and features the following controls. Full data sheet download available on next page tab.
  • Rain light switch (latching on/off)
  • TCS UP function
  • Pit speed limit
  • TCS DOWN function
  • Map switch (latching on/off)

Note: This switch does not include the manual quick shift option. But we can include the 2 wires for this on special request and also supply an additional remote single switch (extra cost option).

Wiring for the clutch switch is included.
The red rain light switch has 2 wires for use with any appropriate bike wiring and light, (not included).
The aluminium assembly has been designed ultra-slim and encompasses 5 sealed switches.

No modification of the bike wiring is necessary, this kit plugs directly into the 8 way and 4 way connector of the standard loom.

  • Width at centre - 13.5mm
  • Cable length - Same as the standard switch
  • Coating - Black anodise
  • Made in the UK
  • Kit comprises:
  • 5 x sealed push-button switches
  • Pre-wired connector to suit the standard bike wiring
  • Retaining screws
Alternative 3 and 4 way left side switches are available for track bikes using the standard ECU and wiring